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Spooky: Lilith by StevieWunderz
Spooky: Lilith
This is a commission for my friend Walto, he gave me Dunkmaster Darius in trade for this spook picture. I've dabble in monster girls before but not too experience. Looking to fix that in the future. Plus its October, it fits the time of the year.
OC: Spades (NSFW) by StevieWunderz
OC: Spades (NSFW)
This is not my OC. This is the OC of someone who a need a lot more love. She is just so cute for a demon girl. I can't handle it. I just had to do a picture of her that did her justice. Hopefully the sexual nature of the picture doesn't bother you. But I had fun tho. :>

Tumblr Version:…
If you've ever liked my art and wondered if I did commissions. I did in the past but I could only accept money orders, which was just a lot more work on everyone's behalf. Now that I final have a bank account connected to my Paypal. It is much easier for just anyone interested to commission me. Hooray! I'll make a commission page as soon as possible, but this should work for now.

If you are curious as to what my price range is. I charge very appropriately depending what you want and the amount of complexity is involved with the drawing. Time really isn't a factor is how I charge for commissions. But full body sketches are generally about $7, final line art is $10, flat coloring is $15, complexity shading is $30, with background $35. Plus $10 for each additional character. Prices are cut by a percentage based on how much of the body is cut out.


-OCs (Furrie OCs included)
-NSFW (pls be specific)
-Fan art (Video game/Anime)
-Caricatures (will obv need photo reference)

-Fetish art (no scat, gore/vore)
-No body modification (extra limbs/etc.)
If you wish to commission me, please contact via my DA page, Tumblr, or Skype contact. All which are provided below.


Skype: Nachoscheese (lol i know)

Email: (hardly check so pls be patient)

Excited to see what you guys want me to draw!


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Steven Eckelkamp
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hey, what's up guys. I'm your typical guy who like to play video games, draw, watch movies, and surf the internet. I am 19 years old and I just draw what I love while trying to improve as an artist in general. I've been learning the female form as of late but I will gradually shift back into drawing males. Its really improve to know how to draw both genders. I will be willing to do commissions and requests pending on how well I know you and if I like the idea. I used to draw pony stuff but I've transitioned to doing more human anatomy. I have a cartoony style right now but I'm actually looking to change into a more realistic style with elements of cartoons in it. Feel free to critique any of my shit, I wont hate you. I'll actually appreciate it!

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So, question; doesn't Anivia kind of strike you as Celestia-esque?
StevieWunderz Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I'll be honest with you. I don't really see the resemblance. I mean, one's a ice bird, and one's a white alicorn. They both have wings but that's the only common trait.
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Hmm. My thoughts were that both are immortal benign beings that keep guard over a land (Equestria and the Freljord), and both are rather calm, kind, and say deep, reflective and wise-ish things.

Both very dignified and benign, mostly. "Lawful good" is their category.

"Meaning in every snowflake... Find peace."
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