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I'm pretty much writing this out of pure exhaustion but I feel like this needs to be said and put out there for someone to read.

This site NEEDS some sort of quality control and I mean desperately so! The way that DA works right now is SO confusing and just really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. My number 1# biggest complaint is the Newest section. It is this ENDLESS stream of uncontrolled jumble of WTF. Me and my friends actually use the newest section as a game to find the worst pictures in existence and to laugh at what we see. Because honestly, it is laughable. There is absolutely no quality control on this site WHATSOEVER.

You see hundreds of pictures every minute flow by ranging from masterful pieces to fucking scribble on a white page. I get that there is a wide range of levels of talent out there and I'm not saying that they can't post here. I actually encourage new artists to post here so they can get critique TO GET BETTER. But I see people use this site as almost like an external hard drive to store their screenshots and random other crap. There are OTHER SITES for that. Try photobucket or puush or google drive. Not a site meant for appreciating ART!

As far as drawings go, I am pretty accepting. I understand that people have their interests, fetishes, sexuality differences and I have no problem with that and I understand that they have a good reason to be able to post it here, but it has to at least look like you TRIED. I see soo many pictures of little tiny scribbles on a fucking 3000x3000 canvas. Im going to guess it disheartens many people to know that they have to SHARE the same site with people that spend 15 minutes on their drawing while they spent a day OR MORE on theirs. In fact, most people I know have DA to show them the "hottest" section the second they access DA. So how are people who want to get noticed on DA get noticed? They hope and pray for a miracle because good luck getting noticed in the massive stream of shit called the front page.

THIS is why I personally think DA should impose some sort of content review on EACH deviation. Not judging by talent or the level of the art but by some general rules. (ex. Picture must be over 80% content) And if the picture fails to meet a few simple rules it doesnt get shown on the newest section and goes STRAIGHT to the person's gallery. I think that would slow the rate of pictures on DA to a reasonable pace so you CAN maybe have a minute for people to see your picture, and it will most likely raise the over all quality of each piece and stop with the spam.

PS. I know that the people who post scribbly/non-arty pictures mean no harm but I feel like DA is not the appropriate site to use. There are plenty other places to go and do that.


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Steven Eckelkamp
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hey, what's up guys. I'm your typical guy who like to play video games, draw, watch movies, and surf the internet. I am 19 years old and I just draw what I love while trying to improve as an artist in general. I've been learning the female form as of late but I will gradually shift back into drawing males. Its really improve to know how to draw both genders. I will be willing to do commissions and requests pending on how well I know you and if I like the idea. I used to draw pony stuff but I've transitioned to doing more human anatomy. I have a cartoony style right now but I'm actually looking to change into a more realistic style with elements of cartoons in it. Feel free to critique any of my shit, I wont hate you. I'll actually appreciate it!

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Hey thanks!
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Haha, yes! Another League-player/brony!

So, question; doesn't Anivia kind of strike you as Celestia-esque?
StevieWunderz Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I'll be honest with you. I don't really see the resemblance. I mean, one's a ice bird, and one's a white alicorn. They both have wings but that's the only common trait.
Eagle1Division Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hmm. My thoughts were that both are immortal benign beings that keep guard over a land (Equestria and the Freljord), and both are rather calm, kind, and say deep, reflective and wise-ish things.

Both very dignified and benign, mostly. "Lawful good" is their category.

"Meaning in every snowflake... Find peace."
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*gangnamstyles* :icongangnamplz:
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